Application process and steps of diamond wire saw machine

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Diamond wire saw machine is an efficient stone mining and processing equipment, which is widely used in the stone industry and favored by customers. Whether the machine is used correctly or not is related to the production effect and safety. Today, let's talk about the use process and steps of diamond wire saw machine.



Drilling is a key preparation work. If the hole is not drilled well, it will directly affect the penetration of bead rope, the service life of rope and cutting efficiency. Therefore, drilling is particularly important. To cut a large piece of waste material, three holes must be drilled, i.e. one vertical hole and two horizontal holes.

 diamond wire saw machine

Threading hole

At present, when the bead rope is used in the domestic stone industry, most of them adopt the manual threading method, that is, fix one end of the rope with multi strand loop flexible wire, penetrate it from one hole and lead it out from the other hole with iron wire, so as to penetrate the bead rope.

 wire saw cutting machine

Equipment installation

After the bead rope is penetrated, the equipment of the diamond wire saw machine is installed. Due to the heavy equipment and the need to readjust the equipment after cutting a plane, a lifting equipment must be equipped around it, which can be lifted for installation at any time.


Water supply

When cutting stone, due to the large linear speed of the rope, the friction between the rope and the stone is large. If water is not added or not enough, a large amount of heat will be generated between the rope and the stone, which will not only deform the spring and steel wire rope, but also melt and bond the spring together and lose elasticity, which will reduce the service life of the diamond wire saw machine. In order to ensure the quality and service life of the rope, water supply must be added along the moving direction of the rope.

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