What are the main specifications of diamond saw blade

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-31

At present, the specification of diamond saw blade for stone processing in China is 105-3500mm (it is reported that the largest saw blade size in foreign countries is 5000mm).


Below 250mm

Generally speaking, circular saw blade with specification below 250mm is small diameter saw blade. The saw blade below 250mm is mainly used for decoration and decoration processing on hand-held and semi professional cutting machine, and is suitable for cutting marble, granite, tile, concrete, decorative materials and building flying damage slotting, etc;

 diamond saw blade


350-500mm specification sheet is mainly used for the semi-finished plate building materials processing into engineering groove (broken);

 saw blade


600-900mm specification sheet is mainly used for shaping and sawing of thick stone plates (columns) like tombstone and column.


Diamond saw blade specification is over 1000mm

The size of the saw blade with the size of 1000mm is mainly used for cutting the waste material into the wood (plate) processing, especially for 1600mm saw blade.


Above is about the diamond saw blade specification introduction, for more information about diamond tools, please follow this website.

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