How to grind diamond saw blade?

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Diamond saw blade is a common tool for diamond cutting in stone processing. This kind of consumables need to be polished occasionally. Today, I'll talk to you about how to grind diamond saw blades.


Reasons for grinding

After the diamond saw blade is used for a period of time, the alloy saw tooth edge will be passivated. If the sawing quality does not meet the requirements, it shall be repaired and ground in time. Because alloy saw blade still works when the blade is passivated, it will greatly aggravate the wear of saw blade, affect the service life of saw blade, and increase the resistance seriously, which will easily cause saw blade jitter, heat generation and high energy consumption.

 diamond saw blade

Using diamond wheel

The key to the quality of the grinding is input by using the precise, stable and vibration free fully automatic CNC grinding machine and the appropriate diamond wheel. The automatic CNC grinding machine can ensure the consistent angle of the saw tooth after grinding.

 diamond blade

Cleaning with detergent

Before grinding, the resin debris adhering to the saw blade must be cleaned with a cleaning agent.


Pay attention to the angle of grinding

During grinding, pay attention to the original machine and angle of the diamond saw blade, and the grinding surface of the blade shall be smooth and straight. It is suggested that the grinding method of front and rear angles of grinding can increase the number of grinding and reach the longest service life.

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