Steps of using diamond wire saw rope to mine marble

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-31

At present, the method of diamond wire saw rope mining marble is a relatively advanced marble mining method. It can well protect marble and improve the yield in the process of marble mining. It is a technology worthy of popularization.


Clean up the mining platform

First, use the excavator to clean up the earth and stone covered on the marble and sort out the mining platform.

 diamond wire saw


Plan the mining sequence, then start to arrange the drilling position, and then drill vertical holes with rock drill.


Two hole butt joint

Drill a flat hole with a horizontal drill and connect with the vertical hole drilled by a rock drill.



After getting through, use iron wire to connect hemp thread for perforation, and connect diamond wire saw rope after threading.

 wire saw


Put the rope over the rope saw and start cutting. This method is used for two horizontal, one vertical and bottom cutting to cut all the waste materials we need to mine.



Use the excavator to put the cut stone down from the mining face, or use high-pressure gas to strip it.




Finally, the diamond wire saw rope is used to cut the stone according to the texture and color of the stone and avoid cracks and mottled colors to produce waste materials. Finally, the cut waste materials will be sent to the storage yard for stacking.

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