Introduction of chain saw machine for marble stone mining

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-17

At present, stone mine adopts mechanical full sawing method, and its mining equipment mainly includes disc saw, diamond wire saw and chain saw machine. These three kinds of mining equipment have their own advantages. Today I will introduce the chain saw machine for marble and its advantages and disadvantages.

 chain saw machine

Classification of chain saw machine for marble

Chain arm saws can be divided into many kinds according to different structures and mining methods. At present, the chain arm saws used and produced in China mainly include track walking chain arm saws, crawler walking track self moving chain arm saws and special chain arm saws for tunnel mining. The principle and structure of three kinds of chain arm saws are the same.

 stone chain saw machine

 Advantages of chain saw machine for marble

Dry cutting, in principle, no water is needed for cutting, the cutting surface is very flat, the block size of block is large, the block rate is high, continuous cutting, high cutting efficiency, no water mist and dust pollution.

 chain saw machine for marble

Shortcomings of chain saw machine for marble

The equipment is relatively complex, and the requirements for operators are slightly higher, so granite can not be cut.

The above is about the introduction of chain saw machine for marble, I believe after reading this equipment should have some understanding.

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