Full sawing mining system based on combination of bead saw and stone chain saw machine

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Based on the bead saw system, equipped with stone chain saw machine it can form a more advanced and perfect marble mine full sawing mechanized mining system.

 stone chain saw machine

Applicable mine types


The system is not only used in hillside open-pit and sunken open-pit marble mines, but also the best combination of mining equipment for underground marble mines. Mining chain arm saw is suitable for medium hardness soft stone mining, diamond band arm saw (another arm saw) can mine serpentine or sandstone and other hard stone. This is currently the most widely used mechanized marble mining system.

chain saw machine

Characteristics of mining technology


The most important characteristic of the combination system of bead saw and mining chain arm saw is high efficiency and strong adaptability.


2.1 Cutting without or with little water


The characteristics of chain arm saw dry cutting marble without water are more suitable for marble mines without water or water. With the successful development of dry cut marble beaded saw, the mining system composed of dry cut beaded saw and dry cut chain arm saw can be used in marble mines without or with little water.


In order to reduce the dust produced during the cutting operation of dry cutting chain arm saw or beaded saw, when the beaded saw or cutting chain tooth with waterless cutting performance is used, a small amount of cooling water can be added, which can greatly reduce the dust pollution of mining face without affecting the performance of dry cutting tools.


2.2 Hard marble cutting

In addition to sawing the marble above, the combined mining method of bead saw and stone chain saw machine  is more suitable for all kinds of hard (serpentine) and water source marble mines.

2.3 Efficient trench excavation

The beaded saw itself can't dig the trench independently. Although it has the function of trench development when combined with other devices, the cutting efficiency is still very low, which can't meet the requirements of mass industrial production of block.

stone chain saw machine  just makes up for the shortage of bead saw, and can easily complete the cutting of closed vertical plane or closed horizontal plane. No matter in the open pit of depression or hillside, all kinds of trench can be cut efficiently on the mining bench with only 1-2 free faces.

2.4 Improve threading efficiency

When the stone chain saw machine is used to mine the long block stone with three free faces, it can cut the long block stone horizontally or vertically; By using the method of point plane intersection, the success rate of intersection drilling is greatly improved, and the difficult operation of two hole and three hole intersection drilling is omitted, which is more suitable for cutting and mining of large-size long block stone.

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