How to maintain diamond wire saw

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Diamond wire saw is a kind of professional diamond tools used in stone processing and mining. In the process of use, effective measures need to be taken to maintain it. Next, we will introduce the maintenance methods of diamond wire saw.


 Regular inspection


Always check the cable, if there is any damage, immediately bandage or replace it;

diamond wire saw


Pre start check


Check whether the cooling cover of the main motor is unblocked before starting the machine every day. If it is blocked, clear it immediately to avoid affecting the cooling of the main motor;


Keep dry


Keep the inside of the control box dry. If the diamond wire saw is idle for a long time, it should be dried before reuse;

 wire saw

Clean up in time


Clean the guide rail and the feed roller in the middle frequently and apply grease to prevent corrosion;


Weekly cleaning wire saw machine 

After each diamond string wire sawing operation, the dirt on the equipment shall be cleaned in time, and the equipment shall be cleaned thoroughly once a week to prevent the dirt from rusting the equipment.


The above five points are the daily maintenance of diamond wire saw. We should start from the details, check the equipment regularly to see if there are small problems, and deal with them immediately, which is also one of the preconditions to ensure the output of diamond string.

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