What are the advantages of Huada double blade quarrying machine?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-17

In stone mining, we can often see the application of double blade quarrying machine. The circular saw produced by Huada mine is the preferred product of many mines. Today, let's introduce the advantages of Huada mine circular saw.

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It can be equipped with large saw blades


The maximum diameter of the blade of Huada double blade quarrying machine can reach 4.8m and the maximum cutting width can reach 3.1m. It is suitable for large-scale mining.

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Automatic control of travel speed


Using three frequency converter communication, it can realize automatic walking and lifting, accelerate in case of "soft" and decelerate in case of "hard", so as to improve cutting efficiency.



Structural stability


Different mines have different sizes and terrain, so they have high requirements for equipment adaptability. The mechanical structure of Huada double blade quarrying machine adopts finite element analysis. After years of mine practice, the structure is stable and reliable.

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