What are the characteristics of diamond cutting tools?

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Introduction as a professional mechanical tool, diamond cutting tools have better performance than other materials. Today, let's talk about the characteristics of diamond cutting tools.


High hardness and wear resistance:

Natural diamond is the hardest material that has been found in nature. Diamond has very high wear resistance. When machining high hardness materials, the service life of diamond cutting tools is 10 ~ 100 times of that of cemented carbide tool, even hundreds of times.

 diamond tools

It has very low friction coefficient

The friction coefficient between diamond and some non-ferrous metals is lower than that of other cutting tools, which can reduce the cutting force.


The cutting edge is very sharp:

The cutting edge of diamond cutting tools can be very sharp, and the cutting edge of natural single crystal diamond tools can be as high as 0.002-0.008 μ m. It can carry out ultra-thin cutting and ultra precision machining.

diamond cutting tools


It has high thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of diamond are high, the cutting heat is easy to dissipate, and the cutting part temperature of the tool is low.


It has low coefficient of thermal expansion

The thermal expansion coefficient of diamond is several times smaller than that of cemented carbide, and the change of tool size caused by cutting heat is very small, which is particularly important for precision and ultra precision machining with high dimensional accuracy requirements.



The above is about the characteristics of diamond cutting tools, which are related to the content, I hope to be able to help you.

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