How to determine the wire speed of diamond wire

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    Diamond wire is a cutting material used with a diamond wire saw machine. The wire speed of the diamond wire has a great relationship with the cutting efficiency; is the faster the speed, the higher the cutting efficiency? How to determine the wire speed of diamond wire under different working conditions?

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    Wire speed of diamond wire during stone mining operations

    When mining and sawing, the wire speed of the diamond wire decreases as the hardness of the cut stone and the cutting area increase. When the hardness of the stone is high and the cutting area is relatively large, the wire speed of the beaded rope should also be reduced. If it is cutting soft stone, the cutting area is relatively small, and the cutting speed can be increased. Under normal circumstances, the wire speed of mining and cutting marble wire is 38~40m/s; when mining and cutting hard marble such as serpentine, the wire speed of wire is 32~38m/s; when mining and cutting soft granite, The wire speed of the wire is 22~30m/s; when mining and cutting hard granite, the wire speed of the wire is 20~33m/s. The most suitable mining cutting line intensity should be tested and analyzed according to the type of stone to be mined to determine the best value;


    Wire speed of diamond wire during stone processing operations

    During shaping and plate cutting, the wire speed of the wire is determined according to the actual situation such as the type of stone and the length and size of the block. During normal cutting, the recommended wire speed of the wire is: 24~26m/s ; for cutting granite, and 30~32m/s ; for cutting marble. The harder the stone or the longer the face of the cut block, the lower the wire speed of the wire. A wire speed that is too high will cause the diamond wire to become dull, and a wire speed that is too low will cause the beading to become oval or tapered.

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