What are the reasons why the diamond segment can't cut the stone?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-13

Diamond segment is a widely used material in stone mining and stone processing; some manufacturers will encounter situations where diamond segment cannot be cut. The main reason why diamond segment cannot cut stone is insufficient strength. There are five main reasons for the lack of strength:

1. The problem of diamond powder

Insufficient diamond powder or the selected diamond powder is of poor quality;


2. Mixed with impurities

Impurities, such as graphite particles, dust, etc., are mixed inside the segment during mixing and charging, especially during the mixing process, uneven mixing will also cause this situation;

3. Excessive carbonization of diamond

The diamond is excessively carbonized and the temperature is too high, resulting in serious diamond carbonization. In the process of cutting stone, the diamond particles are easy to fall off;


4. The formula or process of the diamond segment is unreasonable

The formula design of the cutter head is unreasonable, or the sintering process is unreasonable, resulting in the low strength of the working layer and the transition layer (or the working layer and the non-working layer are not tightly combined), which usually occurs in new formulas;

5. The segment binder is too soft or too hard

The segment bond is too soft or too hard, resulting in disproportionate consumption of diamond and metal bond, resulting in quality problems.


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