Addition requirements of cooling water during mining operation of diamond wire saw machine

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-14


    In the sawing process of the wire saw machine, water should be continuously added. In addition to scouring and removing the mud in the saw seam, adding water also plays a role in cooling the diamond wire, thereby improving the service life of the . During the mining operation of the diamond wire saw machine, according to the position and size of the cutting surface and the position of the saw seam on the cutting surface, generally 3 to 4 cooling water addition points are set.

    diamond wire saw stone cutting machine

    When cutting on a horizontal plane, according to the size of the sawing area and the trajectory of the diamond wire around the cutting surface, it is usually necessary to arrange 3 to 4 cooling water addition points. The main cooling water addition point is at the entrance of the diamond wire into the ore body, and the cooling water at this point must be sufficient: a water addition point needs to be placed at the vertical drill hole that intersects with the horizontal hole; At the corners, two auxiliary water points must also be placed. With the movement of the cutting plane, the two auxiliary water filling points located at the corners of the horizontal plane should move with the change of the cutting position of the diamond wire. After the cutting surface moves, in order to ensure that the cooling water entering the vertical hole will not be lost, the saw gap formed by the horizontal cutting surface can be filled with yellow mud, so that the water flow can only flow out along the cutting position of the diamond wire and the ore body. Improve cooling effect.


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