What is bluestone? What equipment is used to open bluestone?

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What is bluestone?

Bluestone, also known as green sandstone, is the most widely distributed gray or grayish-white sedimentary rock in the marine lake basin.

Density: 2.2-2.4g/cubic mm

Gloss: 58-75

Hardness: Mohs hardness 5.5-6.8.

Bluestone is the most environmentally friendly stone among all kinds of stone materials. Because of its convenient material selection, huge natural stock, wear resistance, weathering resistance, and no radiation, it is often used for interior and exterior curtain wall decoration, carving artworks, pavement and garden construction materials, railings and other special-shaped processing. 


What equipment is used to mining bluestone?

Diamond Wire Saw Machine

The diamond wire saw is a kind of equipment that is often used in stone mining. Its working principle mainly relies on the motor to directly drive the driving wheel, and the driving wheel drives the wire saw to rotate to realize the cutting of the stone.

diamond wire saw machine

Double blade mining machine

Double blade machine is a large-scale stone mining equipment that can cut large stone blocks. The Huada double blade machine runs smoothly, greatly improves the safety factor, and has a wider cutting range and a wider range of adaptation.

double blade mining machine

DTH drilling machine

Down-the-hole drilling machine are used to drill blastholes with a diameter of 20-100 mm and a depth of less than 20-40 meters in rocks with medium hardness or above. Huada DTH drilling machine can be equipped with various specifications of impactors and drills to meet the drilling needs of different hardness stones.

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