Trimming wire saw machine for block shaping used in stone quarry

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-14


    Under normal circumstances, the shaping of stone blocks is usually completed in the mine. In marble quarry, you can use a mobile trimming wire saw machine or a special fixed wire saw machine. The blocks have been shaped and processed by the mobile wire saw machine; in quarry where the wire saw machine is used to assist in the mining of granite, the mobile wire saw machine can be used to handle the blocks as needed. In granite quarry mined by other methods without bead saw assistance, a fixed bead shaping machine can also be installed to shape the mined granite blocks.

     trimming wire saw machine

    The special block shaping equipment used in stone quarry includes small mobile wire saw machine, fixed diamond wire saw machine, large and medium-sized beading saws used for large-scale cutting on the mining steps when necessary, and can also be used to shape blocks.

     diamond wire saw machine

    At present, the vast majority of stone quarry still use mobile wire saw machine for stone mining, and complete the shaping of stone blocks at the stone quarry.


    The 22KW wire saw cutting machine produced by Huada is suitable for trimming blocks in stone quarry, and can also be used for cutting reinforced concrete, bridges and other projects.


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