What equipment is needed for marble mining?

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Marble mining is a relatively large project that requires a lot of mechanical equipment and manpower. This article will introduce which stone mining equipment is needed for marble mining.

Marble Diamond Wire Saw machine

Diamond wire saw machine are widely used in many industries that require cutting, especially in the stone mining industry. This type of wire saw machine is used to mine marble, replacing the traditional blasting method. The mining process is not only safer, but also protects the environment, maximizes the use of resources, and increases the stone yield rate.

diamond wire saw machine

Horizontal core boring machine

Horizontal core drilling rigs are used for horizontal core drilling in stone mines and are often used in conjunction with diamond wire saws machine.

core boring machine

DTH drill

Down-the-hole drilling are mainly used for rapid drilling of stone mining in mines. The drilling depth can reach tens of meters. It is one of the commonly used equipment for stone mining.


Trimming machine

The working principle of the trimming machine is the same as that of the wire saw machine. It cuts the stone with a wire saw. The power of the trimming machine is smaller than that of the wire saw. It is used for trimming and shaping stone blocks.

trimming machine

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