Why does the diamond wire saw cutting machine need water cooling when working

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Diamond wire saw machine is a kind of professional stone mining equipment, which is widely used in all kinds of stone mining. In the process of stone mining, water needs to be added for cooling. This article will introduce why the diamond wire saw cutting machine needs water cooling when working.

diamond wire saw cutting machine

The effect of adding water to cool the diamond wire saw cutting machine when it is working

During the cutting process of the wire saw machine, water must be continuously supplied. In addition to washing and removing the mud in the saw gap, the water supply also plays a role in cooling the diamond beaded rope, thereby increasing the service life of the beaded rope. Since diamond is composed of carbon, its physical properties will be reduced by heating. When the temperature rises to 950 degrees Celsius, it will be oxidized (the combustion of fine powder diamond can generate carbon dioxide) and lose its sawing performance. Therefore, sufficient cooling water and correct supply are important guarantees for improving the quality of sawing and reducing the wear of the beaded rope.

wire saw cutting

Precautions for water cooling of diamond wire saw cutting machine

Generally speaking, the cooling water is not less than 15L per minute. The quality of the water is also very important. It is best to use soft water without sediment. When adding water, the water should be injected from the rope direction towards the saw gap.

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