Influencing factors of stone bending caused by stone circular saw blade machine

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Stone circular saw machine is a large cutting equipment commonly used in stone processing. Saw blade is one of the most important parts of stone circular saw cutting operation. In the actual stone processing, there will be stone bending caused by the problem of saw blade. This paper discusses the influencing factors of stone bending caused by saw blade.


Saw blade matrix

Normally, the tension value, flatness and end face jump of the new saw blade matrix will be controlled before leaving the factory, but the deviation will often occur when the matrix is used in the stone processing plant after leaving the factory, resulting in the decline of stone cutting efficiency and qualification rate. It is mainly reflected in the mismatch between the processing technology of the stone processing plant and the tension value of the matrix. When the positive value of tension is too large, it is easy to cause up and down bending, and when the negative value is too large, it is easy to cause left and right bending. Some substrates have reached their service life after repeated re welding, which will also occur.


Cutter head

The main of stone bending in the cutter head is that the cutter head is not sharp enough. Under the overload state, the cutting current is too large, resulting in bending. Therefore, we suggest that when using a new cutter head, cutting measures should be taken before use, and mechanical cutting should be adopted, so as to reduce the out of tolerance of diameter jump and end jump.


Welding of matrix and cutter head

Generally speaking, the cutter head welding adopts high-precision automatic welding machine, assisted by high-precision profiling. Strict and meticulous welding can ensure the welding process. It can effectively control the flatness of the saw blade substrate caused by the heating of the welding cutter head.

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