What equipment is used in marble stone mining?

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With the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level. At present, the mechanization level of stone mining is also gradually improving. The quality of marble is affected by mining technology and equipment. In some areas with relatively backward technical level, rock drill is still used as the main mining equipment, combined with expansive agent and air bag as the separation method. This method has low mining efficiency and is not suitable for the needs of today's market. This paper introduces the main equipment used in marble mining.


Chain saw machine

The chain arm saw machine can cut large-scale marble blocks, its arm length can reach 6-7m, and can realize horizontal and vertical cutting. The chain arm saw does not need to add water for cooling in the cutting operation. It is suitable for marble mines with water shortage and little water. The common types of chain arm saw are crawler chain arm saw and track chain arm saw.

 chain saw machine

Diamond wire saw machine 

Diamond wire saw machine is one of the most popular equipment in stone mining in the world. Compared with chain arm saw machine, the price is lower. The wire saw machine can realize horizontal, vertical and inclined cutting, and has the advantages of high mining efficiency and low comprehensive mining cost.

 diamond wire saw machine

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