Advantages and application of Huada horizontal core boring machine

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-12-07

Horizontal core boring machine is a kind of equipment used for mine exploration, drilling and coring. It is often used together with diamond rope saw in stone mining. Huada is a professional R & D and production manufacturer of stone mining equipment. Its horizontal core boring machine has many advantages and is applied to all kinds of stone mining.


Advantages of Huada horizontal core boring machine

The machine lifting is convenient and simple, especially suitable for automatic drilling and sampling in the corner of narrow space.

The dual frequency converter control system can automatically adjust the advancing speed according to the stone hardness and ensure the drilling straightness at the same time.

Water cooled cutter head, dust-free drilling, low noise, environmental protection and safety.

The terminal limit function can be selected, which is more conducive to the smooth start and stop of the machine.


Application of Huada horizontal core boring machine

slate mining

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