Advantages of using stone chain saw machine for marble mining

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-17

In addition to open-pit mining, cave mining is also an important mining method. Cave mining of stone has little damage to the environment and is increasingly supported by the government. The main equipment used in stone hole mining is stone chain saw machine. This paper introduces the advantages of using chain arm saw to mine marble.

 stone mining

1. There is no need to peel the mountain skin on a large scale

Traditional open-pit mining requires large-scale stripping of earthwork and mountain skin, and the operation can only be carried out after clearing out the platform. stone chain saw machine does not need large-scale stripping in the early stage, and can directly mine high-quality marble.


2. Less waste

Because there is no need to peel the mountain skin on a large scale, cut down less trees, dig less soil and waste soil, there will be no large amount of waste.

 stone chain saw machine

3. High mining efficiency

The mining efficiency of stone chain saw machine is relatively high, and the finished stone rate is also high. Moreover, the marble mining by cave mining will not be affected by bad weather. It can also be mined as usual in rainstorm and snowstorm.


4. Low comprehensive cost

The comprehensive cost of using stone chain saw machine to mine marble is low. The stone chain saw machine does not need to add water for cooling, and has little damage to the mine. In terms of economic and social benefits, it is an ideal mining method.


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