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    In stone mining, after the long block stones are decomposed according to the specifications of standard blocks, there will be some substandard stones left due to the defects such as natural cracks, color lines and color spots or inappropriate size. The operators can trim these stones and turn them into small-scale blocks or blocks of other sizes.

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    Generally, small and medium-sized diamond rope saw is often used to trim marble and granite waste materials, or row hole drilling combined with splitting method is used to reshape waste materials. Fixed string saw reshaping machine is a special equipment for trimming marble and granite waste materials, and vehicle mounted arm saw can also be used to reshape marble waste materials.


    According to the characteristics of stone mines, Huada has developed rapid shaping or small area rapid cutting of waste materials suitable for stone mines; The equipment is hoisted as a whole, which can realize rapid displacement; A variety of rope winding methods can realize no rope cutting and improve the service life of bead rope; The cutting angle (± 10 °) can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the lifting leg and foot plate, so that the customer can adjust the cutting surface angle according to the actual needs.

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