Advantages and disadvantages of mining stone with double blade stone cutting machine

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At present, the mechanization level of stone mining is constantly improving, and the traditional methods of blasting and artificial rock drilling can not meet the requirements of market changes and environmental protection. Double blade stone cutting machine is one of the commonly used mechanical equipment in stone mining. This paper introduces the advantages and disadvantages of double blade stone cutting machine in stone mining

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Advantages of double blade stone cutting machine

High mining efficiency: the double blade stone cutting machine can be matched with large saw blades. It can cut both soft and hard stones. It can automatically control the walking speed and improve the cutting efficiency.

Simple and convenient operation: friendly man-machine interface, easy operation, which can reduce the labor intensity of operators.

Low mining cost: efficient mining of equipment can effectively reduce mining cost and labor cost.

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Disadvantages of double blade stone cutting machine

You can only cut vertically, not horizontally.

The use of double blade stone cutting machine needs to lay track on a mining platform with a certain scale, which is suitable for large and medium-sized stone mines. Mines with complex geological conditions will have some difficulties in use.

The ore body shall be complete and affected by the grain and color of stone.


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