What is the purpose of big stone cutting machine?

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Advantages of Huada stone machine

Application of big stone cutting machine

Double blade stone cutting machine is suitable for cutting marble, granite, limestone, basalt and sandstone. It is a stone mining equipment widely used in stone mining in China. Double blade stone cutting machine is also popular in mines in some countries and regions.

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Advantages of Huada big stone cutting machine

Double blade stone cutting machine is safer, more environmentally friendly, lower cost and higher efficiency than traditional blasting mining methods.

Compact structure, integrating mechanical system and electrical system, high degree of automation, simple operation and convenient use.

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It can be equipped with super large saw blades, which can be used for mining super large rocks and blocks, improve the ore yield of the mine and make full use of mineral resources.

Three frequency converter communication, automatic control of walking speed, acceleration in case of "soft" and deceleration in case of "hard" to improve cutting efficiency.

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