Advantages and use steps of stone diamond wire saw machine

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Stone diamond wire saw machine is a kind of professional equipment widely used in stone mining, and it has many advantages compared with traditional blasting mining. Since it is a professional equipment, its operation must also follow the corresponding specifications.

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1. The advantages of stone diamond wire saw machine

Improve resource utilization. Stone mine resources are a non-renewable natural resource. The traditional mining method uses thermal cutting combined with explosive blasting, and the yield is generally 30%-50%. Using mining wire saw cutting machine for mining, the yield rate can reach more than 90%.

Conducive to environmental protection. The traditional stone mining method has undergone blasting, which produces a large amount of smoke, dust and gravel, causing environmental pollution. The use of a wire saw cutting machine for mining stone is used to mine the ore, like a knife to cut tofu blocks. The material rock is not broken, and there is little gravel, smoke and dust.

High work efficiency and great economic benefits. Compared with manual operations, the stone diamond wire saw machine has high work efficiency. The equipment can work continuously for more than 20 hours, which reduces labor costs.

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2.The use steps of stone diamond wire saw machine

Punch. Punching is a key preparatory work. If the hole is not well punched, it will directly affect the penetration of the beaded rope and affect the service life and cutting efficiency of the rope. Therefore, the process of punching is particularly important. To cut a large block, three holes must be made, namely one vertical hole and two horizontal holes.

Thread perforation. At present, when the stone industry uses the beaded rope, most of the manual threading method is adopted, that is, one end of the rope is fixed with a multi-strand loop cord, passed in from one hole, and drawn out from the other hole with iron wire, so that the beaded rope is passed through.

Device installation. After the beaded rope is threaded through, the stone diamond wire saw machine is installed. Because the equipment is heavy, and after cutting a plane, the equipment needs to be re-adjusted. Therefore, a lifting equipment must be equipped around it, which can be lifted at any time. Install.

Water supply. When cutting stone, due to the high wire speed of the rope, the friction between the stone and the stone is large. If water is not added or insufficient water is added, a lot of heat will be generated between the rope and the stone, which will deform the spring and the steel wire rope, and even cause the spring to melt and stick to it. Together, lose flexibility. In order to ensure the quality and life of the rope, water must be supplied, which must be added along the direction of movement of the rope.

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