Stone mining - problems in granite stone mining

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Granite stone mines are commonly used building materials, and their market demand is increasing. Many businesses are also increasing investment in granite stone mining, but there are still some problems in granite stone mining at this stage.
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1、 Problems in granite stone mining blind mining

With the increasing demand for granite stone, the stone mining market is gradually expanding. Many mining companies attach too much importance to economic interests and do not make scientific demonstration before mining. Especially for some places lacking geological data, they directly mine blindly and dig indiscriminately, resulting in the destruction of ecological resources; For mining, it is only concerned about the present and lacks long-term strategic planning;
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2、 Problems in granite stone mining - inadequate environmental protection measures

Some mine owners who mine granite stones set up their own mining teams and lack experienced professionals. Most of the waste rocks are stacked irregularly. The mining site is in disorder, the mining process is not standardized, and there is a lack of effective environmental protection measures, which has affected the natural ecology and environment to a certain extent;

3、 Problems in granite stone mining - low utilization rate of waste

In the granite stone mining site, all kinds of waste can be seen everywhere. In fact, waste can be reused rather than discarded as waste rock. For example, the waste can be broken again as concrete aggregate, and can also be widely used in land reclamation and sea reclamation projects. To ensure the full utilization of mine resources and reduce the waste of resources.

The above is about the problems existing in granite stone mining. For more information about the stone industry, please visit the official website of Huada.

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