Marble stone mining - common types of marble

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Marble and granite are common stone types, but there are many classifications in marble stone mining. Let's have a look

marble stone mining

Marble stone mining -White fish maw

Fish belly white comes from Italy. Its color is pure white. No matter from which angle of marble, it is deeply favored by consumers and designers. As the preferred material for high-end decoration, it is widely used in villas, leisure and entertainment places. The paving effect is as gentle as jade, with a noble and elegant taste, making people feel like a palace.


Shaanna Beige

Stone is produced in Iran. Shaanna beige is known as the king of beige marble. The marble texture is close to jade, with soft color and white tone with a trace of yellow. The best marble is widely used in many space decoration and has a high reputation in the global decoration industry.

 stone mining

Marble stone mining -Altman Beige

Ottoman beige in Turkey is frequently used in the wall and ground space. The marble background is cream, with high hardness and good light transmittance. At the same time, in the process of daily maintenance, there is no need for too much maintenance, which also helps to improve the decoration taste.


Spanish Beige

Spanish beige marble is divided into four series. A little thin line can be seen from the surface, with two background colors of light white and dark black. Different shapes of marble bring unique experience to different home decoration spaces, among which the white marble decoration effect is the best.


Marble stone mining -White marble

Marble of the best quality is even white marble. Its color is white, crystal clear and its texture is clearly visible. High quality leads to less marble production and more expensive price.

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