Specification for use of diamond wire rock cutting machine

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As a professional stone mining equipment, diamond wire rock cutting machine needs to be operated by trained professionals and follow the corresponding operation specifications.

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Specification for use of diamond wire rock cutting machine - Midway shutdown

When stopping halfway, stop feeding first, keep the flywheel rotating for about 1 minute, and expand the slit, which is conducive to starting the equipment next time. The stoppage time should not be too long to prevent the bead rope from being stuck in the rock stratum crack. Once the beading rope is stuck, loosen the beading rope first, and then pull it by hand to solve the problem according to the on-site situation; Press the emergency stop to ensure safety during midway shutdown

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Specification for use of diamond wire rock cutting machine - cutting equipment

Personnel are not allowed to enter the working face when cutting the equipment to prevent people from being injured by broken rope; When cutting the equipment, pay attention to the length of the cable in the working area to avoid being crushed by the equipment or damaged by the guide rail


Specification for use of diamond wire rock cutting machine - Equipment Inspection

When checking the equipment, be sure to disconnect the power supply and use special tools to avoid electric shock; During operation, the equipment box door shall be closed to prevent water vapor and dust from entering and damaging electrical components; After continuous cutting for 4 hours, stop the machine and check the bead rope joint to prevent rope breakage.


The above is the use specification of diamond wire rock cutting machine. For more information about stone mining equipment, please visit Huada's official website.

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