Granite stone mining-Characteristics of granite

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Granite is one of the hardest building materials. Because of its ultra-high hardness, it has good wear resistance. Granite is stronger than sand, limestone and marble, so it is more difficult to mine. Granite is a unique material with many characteristics. Below, Huada stone mining equipment will take you to understand the characteristics of granite

 granite stone mining

Granite stone mining - high yield

High scrap rate, good wear resistance: good processing performance, good splicing and so on;


Good decorative effect

Colorful, solemn and elegant; It has strong decoration and is suitable for public places and outdoor decoration;

 stone mining

Granite stone mining - good performance

Non conductive, non-magnetic, stable magnetic field position, large elastic modulus, higher than cast iron, good rigidity, large internal damping coefficient, 15 times larger than steel, and can resist impact and impact;


Stable chemical properties

It is not easy to weathering, its chemical properties are directly proportional to the content of silica, and its service life can reach about 200 years.


The above is about granite stone mining. For more information about the stone industry, please visit the official website of Huada.

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