Natural stone mining -Classification of natural stones

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Natural stone is an ancient building material, which has the characteristics of high strength, good decoration, high durability and wide sources. With the gradual development of stone industry, the market demand for stone is increasing. There are different kinds of natural stones. The common natural stones are granite, marble, sandstone, slate, etc.

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1. Natural stone mining - natural granite

Granite is hard, wear-resistant, pressure resistant, fire-resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant and corrosive gas resistant. Most of them have only color spots, and others are solid colors, with small pattern changes, strong spell ability and wide application range.


2. Natural stone mining - natural marble

Marble originally refers to white limestone with black patterns. The section can form a natural ink landscape painting. Later, the name marble gradually developed into limestone with various colors and patterns and used as building decoration materials. White marble is generally called white marble. Natural marble is fine, solid and polished, with a wide variety of colors. It is made of beautiful natural colors and has less hardness than granite, but it is less used outdoors because it is not resistant to weathering.

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3. Natural stone mining - sandstone

Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock, which is mainly composed of sand particles and glue. Most of the sandstone is composed of quartz or feldspar. Sandstone is highly granular, with wavy texture on the surface. The texture is soft and delicate. The color is the same as sand, and can be any color. The most common are brown, yellow, red, gray and white. Sandstone has large pores, high water absorption, easy to absorb dirt, easy to breed microorganisms, low hardness and brittle material. It is usually suitable for facade decoration.


4. Natural stone mining - Slate

Slate is a kind of metamorphic rock with plate structure and basically no recrystallization. The original rock is argillaceous, silty or neutral tuff, which can be stripped into thin sections along the direction of foliation. The color of slate varies with the impurities it contains, and those containing iron are red or yellow; Carbonaceous is black or gray; Calcium containing foams in the presence of hydrochloric acid, so it is generally named after its color, such as green slate, black slate and calcareous slate. The hardness of slate is better than that of sandstone, but lower than that of granite. It is generally applicable to facade decoration and small area sidewalk pavement.


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