What are the advantages of quarry cutting machine compared with traditional mining methods?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-06

Nowadays, quarry cutting machine has become a large-scale machine commonly used in stone mining and processing industry. Compared with traditional mining methods, it has many advantages.

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Advantages of quarry cutting machine-Large size waste materials can be mined

The stone cutting machine can be equipped with super large saw blade (4.8m), and super large rock blocks can also be cut easily. Effectively improve the yield of mining stone and fully develop mineral resources.


Safety and environmental protection

Compared with the traditional explosive mining method, the disc cutting machine has higher safety factor and more environmental protection. While reducing costs, it can also improve efficiency.

 quarry cutting machine

Advantages of quarry cutting machine-The cutting surface is flat

Compared with the mining methods such as splitting and blasting, the cutting surface of stone block cut by saw blade is flat, which reduces the processing difficulty and improves the utilization rate of stone.


Reduce labor intensity

Most stone cutting machines on the market are equipped with automatic control program, which makes the operation more convenient. Only one person can operate the equipment, which can reduce the labor intensity of construction workers.


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