What are the advantages of wire saw machine for granite ?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-06

As one of the professional stone mining equipment manufacturers, the mine wire saw machine produced by Huada has been highly praised by customers. Here are the characteristics of Huada wire saw machine for granite .

 wire saw machine for granite

Famous frequency converter + PLC

The well-known brand frequency converter and PLC, combined with the original all digital communication technology and full current automatic tracking, ensure the constant tension, efficient and durable cutting of bead rope, so as to prolong the service life of rope saw and ensure the continuity in the cutting process.


Advantages of wire saw machine for granite - multi angle cutting

The head part of Huada mine rope saw machine can realize + / - 180 ° turnover, which can meet the cutting requirements of any angle in the process of stone mining, and has stronger applicability.

 diamond wire saw machine

Advantages of wire saw machine for granite - controllable linear speed

The linear speed of wire saw in Huada granite mining mine can be adjusted freely within the range of 0-40m / s, and the on-site operators can adjust and control it according to the on-site cutting conditions.


Emergency protection

In case of abnormal working conditions such as forging rope, overvoltage and overload, the automatic shutdown protection function will be started to reduce unnecessary loss to the equipment.


The above is an introduction to the characteristics of wire saw machine for granite. Learn more about wire saw machine. Welcome to visit the official website of Huada.

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