What are the advantages of Huada wire saw machine for stone quarry?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-02

Huada is a professional R & D and manufacturer of diamond tools and stone mining equipment. Its products are deeply welcomed by the market. Today, I'd like to introduce the advantages of Huada wire saw machine for stone quarry


High cutting efficiency

Huada wire saw machine for stone quarry has fast cutting speed and high cutting efficiency. The maximum linear speed of the main flywheel can reach 40 meters per second.

 wire saw machine for stone quarry

Multi angle cutting

The machine head of the equipment can realize 360 ° turnover, which can be easily completed whether horizontal cutting, vertical cutting or inclined cutting.


Safety and environmental protection

Huada wire saw machine for stone quarry has no noise and dust, stone mining is more environmentally friendly and meets the requirements of green mine construction; The machine is separated from the console, which can ensure the personal safety of on-site operators.

 diamond wire saw machine

High degree of automation

After 20 years of mine exploration, the fully automatic control program has been developed, with multi language display function and cutting efficiency data statistics, which is more concise and efficient. Optional Internet of things function: remote data acquisition and real-time online monitoring of machine operation.


High yield

The cutting saw joint is small, which will not cause waste of stones, and the cutting surface is smooth and flat. The yield is higher than that of traditional mining methods.


The above is the advantages of Huada wire saw machine for stone quarry.

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