Advantages of diamond wire for granite

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Nowadays, diamond wire has been widely used in stone mining and processing and building concrete cutting. In stone mining, diamond bead rope is also divided into many kinds according to different types of stones. For example, diamond wire for granite would be used when mining granite. The advantages of diamond wire for granite are introduced below.

 diamond wire

Both soft and hard materials can be cut

Generally, there are some differences in the hardness of granite stones, which are divided into soft, medium hard, hard / quartz stone and other materials. Granite with different hardness can be easily cut.

 diamond wire for granite

Advantages of diamond wire for granite - strong tensile strength

Rubber bead rope is mainly used in granite and quartz mines. Rubber and steel wire are bonded more firmly, which increases the tensile strength, heat resistance and high flexibility of bead rope, so as to protect the internal steel wire rope and improve the service life.


Low cost and high yield

Using diamond wire for granite to mine granite is safer and more reliable than blasting, splitting and other traditional mining methods. It can improve efficiency and output, reduce the waste of mine resources and reduce the labor intensity of workers.


The above is to introduce the advantages of diamond wire for granite

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