What are the advantages of diamond grinding block?

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Diamond grinding block is a kind of diamond tools, which is used to process all kinds of hard materials. What are the advantages of diamond grinding block?

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1、 Power saving

Diamond grinding block is used to grind stone due to its super sharpness. Because the pressure of the grinding head can be greatly reduced, the mechanical wear can be reduced. At the same time, the stone damage rate can be reduced by processing the same thickness of the plate, and the thinner stone plate can also be processed;


2、 Efficient

Because of the super sharpness and wear resistance, the diamond grinding block can steadily improve the transmission speed of the conveyor belt, so as to improve the production efficiency;

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3、 High luminosity

The stone luminosity can be increased by more than 10 degrees with diamond grinding block. The quality of diamond grinding block is unstable due to the decrease of MgO activity and the change of maintenance conditions in the production process of diamond grinding block; Because the process of diamond production and detection and transportation is more strict than that of silicon carbide, the particle size uniformity of diamond is much greater than that of silicon carbide, so the possibility of stone scratch and photometric instability is greatly reduced;


4、 Reliable quality

Due to the large-scale production of diamond, the price of diamond grinding block has been greatly reduced. In addition, the production of diamond grinding block can adopt computer-controlled production equipment and technology, while the production of diamond grinding block still adopts simple manual production equipment and technology, and the production cycle is more than one month, The time of affecting the quality is very long, and the quality cannot be stable.

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