What equipment is needed for natural stone mining?

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As we all know, the use of stone mining equipment has largely replaced labor. What equipment is mainly used in natural stone mining? Today, Huada diamond tools will introduce it to you.

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Diamond wire saw machine

Diamond wire saw is a kind of equipment often used in natural stone mining. Its working principle is that the motor directly drives the driving wheel, and the driving wheel drives the wire saw to rotate to realize the cutting of stone. Huada diamond wire saw machine is especially suitable for safe use of equipment under wide voltage variation conditions to meet the unique mining needs of different customers.

 natural stone mining

Circular saw machine

Circular saw is a large-scale stone mining and cutting equipment, which can cut large-scale stone blocks. The circular saw of Huada mine runs smoothly, greatly improves the safety factor, has a wider cutting range and wider application range.


DTH drilling machine

DTH drilling machine is used to drill blast holes with a diameter of 20 ~ 100mm and a depth of less than 20m in rocks above medium hard. According to its different power, it can be divided into pneumatic, internal combustion, hydraulic and electric rock drills, of which pneumatic rock drills are the most widely used. Huada down the hole drill can be equipped with various specifications of impactor and drill bit to meet the drilling needs of stones with different hardness.


The above is the main content of what equipment is needed for natural stone mining.

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