Safety protection measures of stone cutting wire saw machine

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-06-02

Nowadays, mine wire saw machine has been widely used in stone mining. Compared with the traditional blasting method, the safety factor of stone cutting wire saw machine is higher. However, in practical application, if the equipment operation is not standardized, there may be safety accidents. Today, let's talk about the safety protection measures of stone cutting wire saw machine.

 stone cutting wire saw machine

Safety protection

For the sake of safety, a removable rectangular baffle shall be installed at the rear of the main flywheel of the stone cutting wire saw machine to prevent the beads or rope from flying out and causing injury to the on-site operators when the bead rope is broken. Some protective covers or isolation plates shall also be placed on the mine construction site.

 wire saw cutting machine

Protection of electrical components

In mining machinery and equipment, electrical components directly affect mining efficiency and mining quality. Most of the mines have bad conditions, with more dust and water mist, which are easy to cause damage to electrical components. Therefore, necessary protective measures need to be taken for electrical components.


The stone cutting wire saw machine produced by Huada has made full use of safety protection measures and has been highly praised by our customers.

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