Advantages of wire saw stone cutting machine.

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-07-30

Wire saw stone cutting machine is a kind of stone equipment with high energy efficiency, which is widely used in stone mining industry. Today, let's introduce the advantages of wire saw stone cutting machine?


Improve resource utilization

Stone mine resources are non renewable natural resources. The traditional mining method adopts thermal cutting combined with explosive blasting, and the yield is generally 30% - 50%. Mining with mine rope saw cutting machine, the yield can reach more than 90%.

 wire saw stone cutting machine

Conducive to environmental protection

After blasting, the traditional stone mining method produces a large amount of smoke, dust and stone slag, resulting in environmental pollution. The use of wire saw stone cutting machine for quarrying is like cutting tofu with a knife. The material stone is not broken, and there is less stone slag, smoke and dust.

 wire saw cutting machine

High work efficiency and great economic benefits

Compared with manual operation, mine rope saw cutting machine has high working efficiency. The equipment can work continuously for more than 20 hours, reducing the labor cost.


High safety performance

The wire saw stone cutting machine is used for production without detonator explosives, which not only ensures the safety of the operation site and the outside world, but also avoids the flow of detonator explosives into the society, resulting in social insecurity.


High stone quality

Without blasting and external vibration, the overall quality of stone is greatly improved.

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