Types of underground marble mining

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Underground marble mining generally includes roadway mining and cave mining.

 underground marble mining

underground marble mining - cave mining

Marble mines that enter underground mining after advancing horizontally from the bottom of concave open-pit or shaft marble mines, that is, marble mines that directly go deep into the interior of the ore body through vertical deep wells and horizontal development roadways; Or an underground marble mine formed by advancing mining to the interior of the mountain along the horizontal direction in a certain part of the ore body. Most underground marble mines adopt the way of advancing horizontally to the inside of the ore body along the mountain or ore body.

 stone mining

underground marble mining - Roadway Mining

The stone mines built around the tunnel leading to the interior of the mountain are called roadway underground mining marble mines. Some underground mining marble mines in Carrara, Italy are built in abandoned train tunnels, and some areas in China are underground mining marble mines built inside the ore body through tunnels.

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