Marble quarry machine-advantages of diamond wire saw machine

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In marble mining, mining equipment largely determines the efficiency and quality of mining. Today, diamond wire saw has become a common equipment for marble mining. Today, let's talk about why diamond wire saw is selected for marble quarry machine.

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Disadvantages of traditional mining methods


The traditional mining methods such as blasting, hydraulic fracturing and expansive agent are outdated, and these methods have obvious disadvantages. There are potential safety hazards, and the blasting method is dangerous, which may cause accidents; The consumption of stone is large, there are many crushed stones, the production efficiency is relatively low, and the yield is low; The mined waste materials are irregular, so it is difficult to obtain large slab stone waste materials.

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Marble quarry machine -advantages of diamond wire saw machine 


As a marble mining equipment, diamond wire saw has the following advantages:

Environmental protection, no dust and noise pollution, and will not have a great impact on the surrounding residents; High yield, significant increase in mining income, small sawing gap and almost no loss of stone; Large size waste materials can be mined; According to the size requirements of stone processing, we can cut blocks of different sizes to meet the needs of different customers.


There are many advantages about marble quarry machine - diamond rope saw machine. If you need to know, you can contact customer service.

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