What are the functions of diamond abrasive?

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Diamond abrasive is also a kind of professional equipment derived from diamond tools. Today, I'd like to explain to you what is diamond abrasive and what are the functions of diamond abrasive.

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1. Explanation of diamond abrasive

The professional explanation of diamond abrasive refers to the disc grinding tool used in grinding machine, which is composed of disc body and diamond grinding block. The diamond is welded or inlaid on the disc body, and the working face is smoothed and polished by the high-speed rotation of the mill.

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2. Function of diamond abrasive stone processing

It is used for processing artificial stone, granite, marble and other stone materials. It has complete and standardized grain size color system and good flexibility. It is handy in processing lines, chamfers, arc plates and special-shaped stone materials. It has a variety of shapes and specifications, and various grain sizes are easy to identify. It can be flexibly used with various hand mills according to needs and habits.


3. The function of diamond abrasive stone treatment and renovation

It is used for the treatment and renovation of various floors and steps laid by granite, marble and artificial stone. It can be flexibly used with various hand mills or renovation machines according to needs and habits.

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