Working principle of diamond wire saw

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Wire saw, also known as bead saw, is a diamond tool. Beads are made by sintering, electroplating, brazing and other processes, and then connected by glue injection, injection molding and other processes.

 wire saw cutting

Types and application scope of diamond wire saw

According to different types of cutting objects, granite rope saw, marble rope saw, concrete rope saw, large plate cutting rope saw, etc. It is mainly used for stone mining, stone processing, concrete bridge cutting, etc.

 wire saw

Difference between diamond wire saw cutting and diamond wire cutting

Diamond wire cutting: it is mainly used in solar energy, sapphire, optical glass and other fields. Diamond wire cutting mainly adopts electroplating process to cross the diamond powder through the steel wire of a few tenths of a millimeter and realize cutting through the retraction and retraction of roller long wire. High accuracy is required.

Diamond bead rope saw cutting: it is mainly used in stone and concrete cutting industry. It is a flexible cutting tool with low precision.


Working principle of diamond wire saw

Driven by the rope saw and accompanied by the high-speed operation of the main flywheel, the cutting object can be cut. During the cutting process, powder will be formed and heat will be generated. Water injection is required for cooling.

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