What are the maintenance methods of diamond saw blade

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Diamond saw blade is a kind of cutting tool, which is widely used in bridge, tunnel, support beam, stone and other heavy reinforced concrete large cutting projects. Do you know the maintenance method of the saw blade?


Timely grinding

When the cutting surface of diamond saw blade is rough and no longer sharp, it must be reground in time. Attention should be paid to the fact that the angle can not be changed and the dynamic balance can not be destroyed.

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Processed by the manufacturer

The inner diameter correction and positioning hole machining of diamond saw blade must be carried out by the manufacturer. If the processing is not good, it will affect the use effect of the product, and may cause danger. In principle, the reaming should not exceed the original diameter of 20 mm, so as not to affect the stress balance

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Lay flat, moistureproof and antirust

If the diamond saw blade is not used immediately, it should be placed horizontally or hung up by using the inner hole. Other articles or feet should not be stacked on the diamond saw blade, and attention should be paid to moisture-proof and anti-corrosion.


The above is the maintenance method of diamond saw blade.

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