The correct installation method of diamond saw blade

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Diamond saw blade is a common tool for stone processing, but many people don't know how to install the cutting slice correctly. Today, we will introduce the correct installation method of diamond saw blade.

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1、 Pay attention to the parameters of the cutter

The correct installation of diamond saw blade should pay attention to the power, speed and precision of the cutting machine, and different specifications of diamond cutting pieces shall be used according to the speed of the cutter. The power of large diameter cutter is directly related to the diameter and quantity of diamond cutting sheet.

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2、 Keep the direction consistent

The correct installation and installation accuracy of diamond saw blade are related to the cutting speed, quality and service life of diamond cutting sheet. After installing the diamond cutting piece, it is necessary to carefully check whether the diamond cutting sheet is stable and will not produce vibration during the cutting process. Of course, we should choose high quality diamond cutting pieces. Otherwise, the diamond cutting sheet will affect the flatness and vibration; Whether the diamond cutting sheet is installed should ensure that the cutting edge direction of the diamond cutting blade is consistent with the rotation direction of the main axis of the cutter; The surface to be contacted by the diamond cutting piece shall be cleaned.


3、 Heat dissipation in time

The friction impact will occur between diamond cutting sheet and stone during cutting, and even a large amount of heat will be generated on the cutting surface. However, the heat dissipation performance of stone is poor, and most of them are absorbed by diamond cutting blade head. This is easy to cause the inking of diamond oil, and has a great influence on the service life of diamond cutting sheet. The role of coolant is to cool and protect diamond cutting sheet. The cutting chip can be taken away, and a layer of oil film is added to the diamond cutting sheet to reduce the friction coefficient and vibration during cutting.


The above is about the correct installation of diamond saw blade method, I hope to help you.

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