What are the advantages of diamond wire saw products?

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2023-05-18

Diamond wire saw is a product that can improve the mining efficiency of stone mines. It is widely used in stone industry. Today, let's talk about the advantages of diamond bead rope saw.

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1、 Less restrictions and easy to use

Compared with other diamond tools, diamond wire saw is a flexible tool, which can be used to cut not only straight plates, but also special-shaped plates; It is not limited by the surface shape of the object, the working site is simple, and large-area cutting can be carried out; Using diamond rope saw can improve resource utilization and reduce environmental pollution.


2、 Technological progress promotes the improvement of production efficiency

With the progress of technology, the production efficiency of diamond wire saw can be greatly improved by using powder granulation technology and automatic cold pressing technology; The diamond rope saw made by new processes and methods such as hot isostatic pressing technology, diamond directional arrangement technology and brazing technology can greatly improve the comprehensive performance of the rope saw. The large-scale use of high-performance diamond rope saw is of great significance to improve the utilization rate of stone resources, reduce the cutting cost per unit area and protect the ecological environment.

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