Practical application fields of diamond wire saw technology

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Diamond wire saw technology is a high-tech technology, but also an advanced processing technology. From the current application and development of beaded wire saw, it can be seen that its technology itself will develop towards Beaded small diameter direction, which can save processing materials and processing energy. Today, let's talk about the practical application field of diamond wire saw technology.


Marble mining

Diamond wire saw is the main mining equipment in marble soft mine. In some marble mines with advanced mining technology, the combination of string bead wire saw and chain split saw (or chain split diamond band saw) is also used.

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Granite mining

Considering the best performance and comprehensive mining cost of diamond wire saw, the wire saw is usually only used to cut one or two vertical sides of the granite separating block connected with the ore body when mining granite mines. At present, the back and horizontal bottom of the vertical side of the granite separating block connected with the ore body are separated by the combination of row hole drilling and controlled blasting.

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Stone block shaping

The shaping of stone blocks is usually completed in mines or processing plants. The beaded wire saw can be used to reshape large blocks, but considering the performance and processing cost of the beaded wire saw, it is mainly used to reshape blocks in marble mines. Generally, the beaded wire saw is seldom used to shape granite blocks.


Plate cutting

Plate cutting is the largest process in stone processing industry. Diamond circular saw blade is usually used for cutting, but the plate size is relatively small. Single string bead wire saw can cut large plates and oversized plates with unlimited thickness. However, compared with frame saw with dozens or hundreds of saw blades, the total cutting efficiency is low and the processing cost is high. Therefore, single wire saw is most commonly used to cut very thick plates or small batches of large plates with different thickness.


Special shaped stone processing

Beaded wire saw processing special-shaped stone is one of the most high-tech CNC stone processing technology. Although it has only nearly 15 years of development history, it has become the main equipment for processing high value-added special-shaped stone products. In addition to the common Beaded wire saw special-shaped stone sawing equipment, there are also some small desktop Beaded sawing machines, which are specially used for processing special-shaped stone products such as mosaic and curve edge.


The practical application of diamond wire saw technology is introduced 

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