Introduction of diamond wire saw cutting method

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As everyone in the stone industry knows, diamond wire saw cutting technology is a safer and more efficient cutting method than traditional demolition technology. Today, let's introduce the method of diamond wire saw cutting

 wire saw cutting

Working principle


Hydraulic diamond wire saw cutting is driven by hydraulic motor, the diamond wire moves around the cutting surface at high speed to grind the cutting body and complete the cutting work. Due to the use of diamond particles as abrasive material, it can be used to cut stone, reinforced concrete and other hard objects.

 diamond wire saw

Construction features


a) Because diamond is used as grinding material, any hard object can be cut and separated.

b) The cutting is driven by the hydraulic motor, the hydraulic pump runs smoothly, and the hydraulic motor can be controlled remotely through the high-pressure oil pipe, so the vibration and noise in the cutting process is very small, and the cutting energy can be statically separated in a stable situation.

c) During the cutting process, the high-speed running diamond rope is cooled by water and the grinding debris is taken away. The circulating water produced can be collected and reused.

d) Not limited by the shape and size of the object to be cut, it can be cut in any direction, such as diagonal direction, vertical direction, horizontal direction, etc.

e) The cutting speed and power of hydraulic diamond wire saw are faster than other cutting methods.


Scope of application


a) Large reinforced concrete structure cutting demolition, such as the whole building cutting demolition.

b) All kinds of reinforced concrete bridge, abutment, pier and foundation cutting demolition.

c) Cutting of underwater structures with high technical difficulty.

d) Cultural relics moving and cutting, cliff stone carving stripping and cutting.

e) Cutting of cylindrical structures, such as tall chimneys.

f) Subway station, nuclear power station and other buildings with special requirements for vibration and noise caused by construction are cut and demolished.

g) Stone quarry mining, processing and cutting.

Technical standards


a) The direction change of the rope is realized by the combined installation of the guide wheel. During the construction process, the installation of the guide wheel and the position relationship in the driving wheel should be skillfully designed to meet the cutting requirements.

b) The wire cutting speed of the rope shall not be less than 18m / s.

c) The quality standard of diamond rope should meet the requirements of the maximum tensile strength in the cutting process.


The above is the diamond wire saw cutting method for you.

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