Brief introduction to the methods of using diamond wire saw-ring sawing method

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Diamond wire saw is now a common processing machine in the stone mining industry. For different processing scenarios, different operation methods should be used. Ring sawing method is one of the methods of using diamond wire saw. Today, I'll introduce it to you.

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1、 Explanation of ring sawing method


This method is also called lasso sawing method. Its essence is: the diamond string formed into a ring encircles the cut rock, and the diamond saw drives the rope wheel to rotate and move to drag the diamond string to cut rock. The length and curvature radius of cutting curve change from large to small.

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2、 Scope of application


The methods of using diamond wire saw—— ring sawing method.This method is not only suitable for mining and cutting of working face, but also for shaping and cutting of stone after cutting. This method is only used by diamond wire saw alone.


3、 Cutting method


In the mining cutting of working face, vertical and horizontal cutting can be made. In vertical cutting, cutting can be carried out in front of the machine above the standing level, or in front of the machine below the standing level.


There are several other the methods of using diamond wire saw. If you want to know more about how to use diamond wire saw, please pay attention to this website

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