What are the advantages of using double blade quarrying machine to process stone?

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In the current stone cutting equipment, Double Blade Quarrying Machine is a kind of equipment with high recognition. Do you know the main advantages of using Double-Blade Quarrying Machine?



The sliding frame of Double-Blade Quarrying Machine adopts adjustable sliding auxiliary guiding device, which works smoothly.

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Wide range of application

The Double-Blade Quarrying Machine has a wide range of applications. It can process granite, marble slab, granite slab of various specifications, platform, stele and various stone crafts. It is especially suitable for layered cutting of stone with relative height less than 2300mm, so as to improve the talent rate of stone and reduce the production cost.


Large size block can be processed

The Double-Blade Quarrying Machine can use large saw blade, and the horizontal and lifting stroke can adapt to the processing of large size blocks.

double blade quarrying machine


Simple and safe operation

The Double-Blade Quarrying Machine is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and the control part adopts manual or automatic control methods.


Adjustable speed

According to the hardness of the cut food, the feed speed can be adjusted, which is both safe and efficient. The electrical part adopts interlocking and safety devices to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment. The main parameters of the circular sawing machine include relatively large diameter of the saw blade, the number of blades that can be used, relatively large transverse stroke of the saw blade, relatively large lifting stroke of the saw blade, area of the trolley, total power, walking motor, etc.



The above is for you to introduce the advantages of Double-Blade Quarrying Machine processing stone.

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