What are the categories of diamond tools

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Introduction: as professional equipment, diamond tools are widely used in construction and civil engineering, stone processing, mining and other industries. According to its functions and characteristics, it can be divided into many different categories. Today, editor will take you to see the specific types of diamond tools.

diamond tools

Diamond tools are classified by bond


According to bond, there are three kinds of diamond tools: resin bond, metal bond and ceramic bond. Metal bonding process is divided into sintering, electroplating and brazing.

diamond cutting

Diamond tools are classified according to their use and structure


There are: grinding wheel, roller, roller, edge grinding wheel, grinding plate, bowl mill, soft grinding plate, etc; Sawing tools: circular saw blade, row saw, rope saw, barrel saw, band saw, chain saw and wire saw; Drilling tools: geological and metallurgical bit, oil (gas) well bit, engineering thin wall bit, stone bit, glass bit, etc; Other tools - finishing tools, cutting tools, drawing dies, etc. Compared with metal bond matrix, resin bond matrix and ceramic bond matrix have lower strength, so they are not suitable for sawing, drilling and dressing tools. Generally, only abrasive products are available.



The above is about the categories of diamond tools. For more information, please pay attention to this website.

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