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Opportunities for overseas investment

Author:Huada Quarrying Machine FROM:Stone quarry machine manufacturer TIME:2021-10-19

1. National policy orientation

In recent years, China’s policies and legislation for enterprises going out have been continuously improved. Previously, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, the Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments jointly formulated the "Outbound Investment Management Measures", the "Outbound Investment Management Regulations", and "On the issuance of 6 new free trade trials." The "Notice of the District Master Plan" and many other policies support enterprises to "go out to sea", involving fiscal and taxation, finance, insurance, foreign exchange, entry and exit and many other aspects. They are guaranteed to a certain extent in the risk management of overseas investment and the safety of overseas personnel and assets.

Investment in stone mines, due to large capital requirements and a long investment cycle, the state supports enterprises to go abroad and obtain loans with overseas assets, equity, mining rights and other rights as collateral, which effectively solves the biggest problems faced by mineral companies overseas.

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2. CNY appreciation

Under the influence of the sustained and stable growth of the Chinese economy, the CNY exchange rate has appreciated substantially. On March 30, 2020, the central parity of the CNY exchange rate in the inter-bank foreign exchange market was: 1 U.S. dollar to CNY 7.0447; August 18, 2021, the inter-bank foreign exchange market The central parity of the CNY exchange rate is: 1 U.S. dollar to CNY 6.4915. The appreciation of the CNY has greatly increased the purchasing power of Chinese investors for overseas investment in mining resources.


3. Cost-effective investment

All countries in the world have abundant stone mineral resources and a wide variety of designs and colors. Due to poor political stability, poor infrastructure, and poor development conditions in various countries, the cost of obtaining mineral rights is low. The same mineral rights are 1/10 to 1/3 of the domestic mineral rights price.

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